Vichy Body Treatment

What does a Vichy Body Treatment  do?


A vichy Shower massage aids lymphatic drainage as the massage jets stimulate circulation and detoxification in the body. This then helps to improve overall immunity function! The water pressure from the shower heads helps to massage sore and tired muscles which helps you to ultimately relax.

Many women are overloaded with the perpetual to-do list, and often put themselves at the bottom of that list. One way you can put yourself at the top again is to engage in self-care by getting regular body scrubs. There are various types of body scrubs, depending on your personal preferences and needs. There are also various benefits to body scrubs, some of which you may not even be aware of. A Vichy Shower treatment is one of the best things you can add to your self care routine!

Benefits of a Vichy Shower

Benefit #1 – Skin Glow: One of the biggest benefits to body scrubs, particularly the salt scrub, is the glow that your skin is left with.

Benefit #2 – Exfoliating: It might seem like an obvious benefit to mention, but body scrubs are a great way to exfoliate dead skin cells. This paves the way for fresh new cells to regenerate and leaves you looking and feeling fabulous. Planning a body scrub for exfoliating benefits is best in the fall and spring, right before you start to tan and when your tan starts to fade. Otherwise, salt scrubs are great for exfoliation.

Benefit #3 – Increasing Flow: When you get a body scrub or give one to yourself, you are encouraging the natural flow of circulation and bodily fluids within. When you have a professional massage therapist apply the body scrub, a massage can be incorporated. This will increase the correct circulation and flow benefits.

Benefit #4 – Improve Cellulite and Aging: There are some claims that certain types of body scrubs can actually improve the look of aging and dimpled skin from cellulite.

Benefit #5 – Relaxation: Treating yourself to a body scrub, especially when combined with a massage, is just plain relaxing. Having a body scrub done by a professional allows you to incur the benefit without the mess or stress.

Vichy BodyTreatment


This 60 minute session includes: A relaxing body polish using mineral salts, coconut oil and customized essential oil (of your choosing), that are massaged into the skin to scrub away dry skin cells. This treatment will leave your body feeling soft, youthful and hydrated.


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  • Heidi Story

    Until a friend recommended me to Shirley, I had not found that perfect facial in Richmond. Fortunately, my search is over!!! My face has never looked or felt so fabulous. Shirley is my new addiction, and I can't wait to see her every month!!!

    Heidi Story
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    Shirley does a wonderful job with services. I have been a client for about 3 years, and I always receive positive feedback after my MicroCurrent treatments.

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    Shirley is a great aesthetician. She is very thorough and definitely knows what she is doing. I have had two facials from her recently, she helped me get my face ready for my wedding, and I really felt beautiful! On top of being highly skilled, Shirley is one of the sweetest people I know.

    Jackie Patatore