If you want to enjoy a smooth, hair free look no matter where that hair is on your body then waxing is a great option!

Waxing is not actually new. It stems from Ancient Egypt when women used sugar wax to remove hair. Nowadays, this technique is still used in some spas.

When I here people talking about waxing it is either with fondness or dread! It can definitely be a bad experience, but also a good one, so don’t let one bad experience deter you from going ahead and getting rid of that unwanted hair.

Decrease The Pain Of Waxing

Mint, A Boutique Spa recommends some simple ways to decrease the pain of waxing.

  1. You can always take a painkiller 1 hour before your appointment. Aspirin is quite efficient in reducing waxing pain.
  2. We use Hard Wax in those areas where it is more painful to have hair pulled. If the spa your currently doesn’t use hard wax, then you are missing out. Hard wax is more expensive to use so some spa’s stay away from it. Mint Spa cares more about your comfort then it’s bottom dollar.
  3. Exfoliating your skin one day before your treatment helps you experience less pain.
  4. Mint Spa also recommends that ladies stay away from Brazilian waxing one week before or one week after your menstrual cycle. You are much more sensitive during those times of the month.
  5. Use a numbing gel about 15 minutes before your appointment. We sell this product if you do not have one. Numbing gels usually have Lidocaine and other ingredients in them so make sure you are not allergic to any of these products before applying to your skin.

Note: Make sure that your hair is long enough. We need your hair to be ¼ to ½ inch long for the waxing to be effective. If getting a Brazilian done, you will have a better experience if your hair has not had much more than a 3 week growth.

Waxing Services


Eyebrow shaping


Lip wax


Chin wax




Arm (both)


Upper leg (both)


Lower leg (both)


Full leg (both)




High Bikini

$45 - 65


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