We Have Your Back

This focused service promises to pamper a neglected area that requires some well deserved attention to restore the body’s backside. I know, getting pampered usually means treating yourself to something completely different, but this is something that you simply can’t do without our hands reaching that very difficult area!

How did I get Back Acne

You got back acne because you also have overactive oil glands, excess dead skin cells and bacteria on your back as you do your face. The follicle, or pore gets blocked from the excess oil and dead skin cells. That blockage can cause a blackhead which may then turn into a pimple.

Preparing the Back

Mints Estheticians will prepare your back for exfoliation by first giving it a deep cleanse with a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type followed by a deep steaming which is designed to open the pores. An exfoliant such as a glycolic acid or salicylic acid will be applied to the back to further help you rid of those dead skin cells. Your therapist will use hot, steamed towels to remove the exfoliant from your back. If needed, extractions will be performed.

Therapeutic Mask

Once your skin has been exfoliated and extractions have been done, your back is now ready for a therapeutic mask that has been selected just for your skin type. While the mask is penetrating into your freshly exfoliated back , you will enjoy a foot massage to further relax you and calm your senses.

Once the mask has finished it’s job, it will be removed with yet another hot, steamed towel.

Final Touch

Just as there is a final act in a well performed play, there is also a final step in your Ultimate Back and Shoulder Facial. Hydration is a key player in keeping your skin acne free. If your skin on your back does not receive enough moisture, the sebaceous glands will work overtime to try to hydrate your skin and therefore will cause “yet” another breakout. As we send you out the door, we will tone the skin as to set the skin at the correct PH and then massage and hydrate your backside.

Ultimate Back & Shoulder Facial


45 minutes

Interested in this service? Give us a call at 804.651.7298 or make a reservation with one of our specialists!