Shirley Dillaman has been the owner of Mint Spa and a Master Esthetician for over 20 years. Specializing ( but not limited to) chemical peels, microdermabrasion, microcurrent, dermaplaning and now EmSculpting. Shirley & her husband Steve have been natives to Richmond since 1984. She is passionate about her family, her faith, skin care and all things healthy living. She opened Mint Spa in 2012 and has loved the connection it gives her to community an outlet to practice her passion of helping others.

With hundreds of reviews from loyal clients and years of industry experience, if shirley can not meet your skin care needs, she’s got the referral who can!




Chrystia Bowen, a seasoned professional in the beauty industry, has been passionately serving clients since April 2002. As a licensed waxtechnician, Chrystia’s expertise extends to sugar hair removal, where she holds double certifications. With a specialization in female anatomy hair removal, including both wax and sugar techniques, she is dedicated to helping individuals overcome ingrown hair issues and achieve healthy, radiant skin.

Chrystia’s exceptional skills have been honed through certifications from Sweet and True, the renowned manufacturer of her fabulous products, and Sugar and Skin Spa of Chesapeake, VA, where she attained specialization in the Brazilian technique. As the Founder and Owner of The V Lady, Chrystia brings her wealth of experience and genuine care to every client she serves.

Chrystia’s genuine love for her work is evident in the connections she forms with her clients. Over the years, she has witnessed her clients’ remarkable life milestones, from watching them grow up and graduate to celebrating their marriages and the arrival of their little ones. She cherishes the journey she embarks upon with each individual, forming a unique bond along the way.

Outside of her professional life, Chrystia indulges in some well-deserved rest through a good nap and finds enjoyment in watching scary movies. A fun fact about Chrystia is that she is a Leo rising with a Libra moon, and she takes an avid interest in zodiac studies and psychology, enriching her understanding of human nature.


Kahlia Kanas, Master Esthetician, is a graduate of American Spirit Institute of Esthetics. Since graduating Esthetics school, Kahlia continues to develop her knowledge and skill set, and is pursuing advanced training in therapeutic facial massage, Ayurveda, nutrition, botany and herbalism. She believes that life is a constant quest of knowledge and this persistent quest creates progressive skincare treatments with corrective and renewing outcomes.

In her spare time she enjoys Yoga, hiking, cooking, tending to her plants and traveling whenever possible.  Kahlia’s personality can only be described as infectious and bubbly. She has a way of connecting with people young and old. To spend time with her, you’ll understand, her spirit is infectious.  Her hands have been described as intuitive and healing and her attention to making her clients feel relaxed and nurtured make her facials feel like a restorative retreat.  Kahlia is not just an Esthetician, but she’s also a guide. Helping every person she takes care of to find their path to loving the skin they’re in.