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Your very own specific massage using Swedish and/or Deep tissue techniques to enhance your experience and make this massage relaxing and pampering as to your liking.

Mint's 60 Minute Couples Massage / 90 Minute


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The human body was made to desire touch. On occasion, we have all asked our spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends or whomever, to “please massage our shoulders”, haven’t we! Well, having your special “one” rub your body is sweet, but they most likely don’t know how to truly help you because they do not understand where the pain is coming from. A trained Massage Therapist who has gone thru an accredited massage program can make all the difference between those little rubdowns we get at home and having a professional work on you!

Some Benefits

Did you know that just 10 minutes of massage can reduce inflammation and pain, which ultimately leads to a better working body? One of the side effects of a good massage is that it can soothe anxiety and depression. It reduces the stress hormone cortical, resulting in a lifted spirit and often lower blood pressure. I have dozed off on a massage table on several occasions and when asking my massage therapist why it almost always puts me to sleep she explained it in this way. Massage soothes the brain waves that are connected to deep sleep, and therefore it is hard to stay awake sometimes. That’s enough explanation for me. Most of us could improve the amount of sleep we get per night!


Some studies have shown other side effects of massage. Here is a list of some:

  • A. Better immunity
  • B. Less PMS symptoms (the guys are saying “Yes” right now and “honey” would you like to get a massage?
  • C. Boosting of Brain Power – I for one could use that everyday of my life.
  • D. Curbing of headaches.
  • E. Better looking skin. I have to say that this is my favorite since I am an Esthetician and work on skin everyday. Why does it work? Because massage increases blood flow, which plumps up slack skin. Certain kinds of massage techniques can drain the lymphatic system from toxins so that more nutrients can get in. That alone adds more vitality to your complexion. Also, when certain muscles are tight around the neck and shoulders, it tends to drag your facial muscles down, and none of us want that to happen.

Ashiatsu massage

Ashiatsu massage is a unique technique where our specially educated massage therapists use their feet to apply deep pressure to your body. It’s often called a barefoot massage. Our therapists’ methods allow the deep tissues, joints, and muscles to be massaged while easing the nervous system.

Prenatal Massage

During pregnancy, your body undergoes tremendous changes as your baby grows and your body prepares to bring your child into the world. Massage can alleviate the muscle tension and discomfort that comes along with your body’s structural changes. The goals for prenatal massage are to minimize stress, promote relaxation, and prepare your muscles for childbirth. Prenatal massage specifically addresses a pregnant woman’s needs and is highly beneficial. Prenatal massage is an enjoyable and beneficial way to positively influence your pregnancy. It is recommended that you be at least in your second trimester to confidently receive massage.

Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy a massage that incorporates smooth, hot, flat volcanic stones to penetrate deep into the muscle for relaxation and tension relief. The stones are placed on the body as well as used as an extension of the therapist’s hands in gliding motions to ease muscle tension. This treatment is a wonderful way to experience a deeper level of relaxation and pain relief. Schedule an appointment today.


60 minutes


90 minutes


Couples 60 Minute Massage

Ashiatsu massage


60 minutes/90 minutes

Prenatal Massage


60 minutes/90 minutes

Hot Stone


60 Minute/90Minute/2 Hours

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