Are you tired of those dry, scaly hands that haven’t got the message yet that winter is over. Well, you are not alone in your combat against dry skin. Let Mint Spa give you back those youthful looking hands that you so long for after a hard, dry winter.


We will first remove those dead, dry skin cells that have accumulated during the winter months. Mint Spa’s Estheticians will use an exfoliation product that best suits your skin type. We will use hot, steamed towels to remove the product from the hands in preparation for the therapeutic conditioner.

Soften and Seal

Your hands will then be submerged into plastic gloves where a warm grapefruit/mango non-paraffin product awaits to sooth and change the feel of those ten digits fingers!


Mint Spa will then take those sealed hands and slide them into a pair of big hot mittens. Having the mittens over the plastic gloves help build warmth which seem to help the grapefruit/mango non-paraffin moisturizing agent to work better. We will leave those mittens on for at least 10 minutes so that it will work more effectively. Much like conditioning your hair and leaving it on for an extended time, so is it with those beautiful hands of yours.

Times Up

Our Estheticians finish this luxurious treatment by removing the mittens and plastic. The product will then be massaged into your hands even more deeply so as to give you the most benefit from this spoiler of a treatment! As we finish, we will spray on a product that will remove the extra therapeutic oils that were not absorbed into your skin. Enjoy your super soft, hydrated hands as you walk out the door!

This treatment is not only good for the hands, but also for those hard working feet!

Hydrating Hand Treatments


20 minute treatment


Add-on to any treatment

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