Don’t want to be bothered putting Mascara on everyday, then this is the treatment for you! You will want to go up to people and say “Do you think I have mascara on? Do you? Because I don’t, but it sure looks like I do, doesn’t it!” Such a great way to change your eyes from dull to “wow”!


Tinting your eyelashes and brows gives them definition and lets you go without mascara or an eyebrow pencil for a few weeks. Eventually, your old lashes will fall out and be replaced with new emerging ones. This process happens whether you get them tinted or not.

What is the procedure?

This cosmetic procedure tints eyelashes and creates a more full look. It is done by our Master Esthetician and together you and her will decide what color works best for you. Your choice of this vegetable based dye will be brown, black, auburn or the dramatic “blue-black” which is my favorite to use on the eyelashes. After choosing your color , you will then lie down on a bed while a protective cream is smoothed under the eyes along with a thin cotton pad. With your eyes shut, a tint is applied to the lashes with a fine brush that was designed for this very procedure. During the 10 minute wait time to allow the product to set, we will massage your hands to keep you relaxed. Warm water soaked pads will gently remove the excess dye once the Esthetician feels like there has been enough time for the product to work. Upon opening your eyes, you will be amazed on how much they “pop”. Beautiful, Grrrr, meow, meow bedroom eyes!!!!


When coming to the spa for this treatment, you always want to make sure to remove your contact lenses because there is always the possibility of a small amount of dye to get into the eyes. Also, the process of removing the tint from the lashes with water could flush the contact from the eye.

Brow and Lash Tinting






Brows and Lashes


Brows Tinted and Waxed

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