About Mint Spa

Mint’s overall desire is to achieve your ultimate health. We get excited about improving the functionality of your skin, hair and body and how you see it! Mint’s Master Estheticians and massage therapists have been personally selected to work here because of their  passion, talent, customer satisfaction rate, attention to detail and care for our clients. We start each session by discussing your goals and giving realistic expectations for the results. As your appointment wraps up and we send you on your way, we always love to educate or discuss skincare regimens, or at home care that is result-oriented, that you can use effectively and easily on your own. Mint Spa wants you to walk away from your experience here with confidence and a greater self-esteem knowing that you made the right choice in using us for your skin or hair care, body image or aches and pains. Make an appointment with one of our Master Estheticians, EmSculpt Specialists or Massage Therapist and you will see, ”why” our loyal clientele speak so highly about MINT SPA RVA

We are conveniently located in the heart of Midlothian, just a few blocks from Chesterfield mall. An easy 15 minute drive from just about anywhere in Richmond (without the hassle of city parking or Westend traffic)

For information about our service, please see our ‘service’ page in our menu bar or call us for a free consultation!